读书手抄报内容,学联活动 | 留学生艺术展投票活动全面发动,台州


- International Students Speak-


The selection process of our art exhibition have finished, the following are the outstanding works that have been selected. Come and call us for your favorite works! You could also浴霸 vote for them both online and offline. 



投票时刻:2019/3/28 - 2019/4/10


online voting:

During 2019/3/28-2019/4/10

Please scan the QR code below, support your favorite works! Everyone will have 2 votes.


投票时刻:2019/3/28 - 2019/3/29


Offline voting:

During 2019/3/28-2019/3/29

Everyone who come will get vote card and have 2 votes as well. 


The results of the voting will be calculated by China Unicom and the UoW CSSA as well. We will email the winner. Meanwhile, our wechat platform will post the information as well. 

以下是一切入围著作与介绍,赏识往后别忘了投票哦!Now it’s time to see lovely works, Please do not forget to vote your favorite work!

#. 001


Haoxiong Hu

University of Alberta


Travel inspires my photography a lot. It is a color that combines light and shado读书手抄报内容,学联活动 | 留学生艺术展投票活动全面发起,台州w, the grass and the tree, the flower and the bird so fascinating. Compared with portraits, I prefer to shoot landscapes and animals because I am eager to show pure nature through my lens.

#. 002


Xiwen Ran

University of Toronto 




Unknown destination, in the distance.

To explore, to yearn for, 

that belongs to your s读书手抄报内容,学联活动 | 留学生艺术展投票活动全面发起,台州cenery.

#. 003


Shan Li

University of Westminster 


The time difference between London and Hong Kong is 8 hours, 9,603.19 km apart, and the flight实木床 time is 12 hours. It is the harbor where I rest in, and it’s the new world he had always wanted to venture into.

#. 004


Chenglong Tang

Middlesex University



Chongqing, located next to Sichuan, also known as the city of fog, built on the mountains, surrounded by the river. The first time I went to Chongqing, I felt there were so many uphills. When you get on the observation deck in Chongqing and watch the sunset, you can't help but record these beautiful moments with other photographers.

Tokyo Tower is located in Tokyo. When I walk down the street at ni妹妹的橡皮擦ght, I always feel the whole city is in all silence, more like a village. But when I walk onto the high platform, I realize the whole city is a metropolis and full of tall buildings. Also, Tokyo tower at night with cherry blossoms reveals a romantic atmosphere.

#. 005

Jess Dang

Cass Business School


Pakistanwas a land full of complete strangeness, wonder, and strong national color: hospitable people, spicy and exotic food, and spectacular architecture. 

#. 006


Sibo Yang

University of Brunel 






In those few nights, I seemed to think over everything and everyone, and my mind seemed to clear a little.

Stop-and-go, gain and loss, missing and resentment, distance anexistd closeness, regret and completeness, as well as poetry and distance, etc.,李寻欢孙子 constitute the state of life.

That's the end result. There's the answer.传l姓小鲜肉吸毒

#. 007


Yang Wu

University of Cardiff 


相片摄于我国北部内读书手抄报内容,学联活动 | 留学生艺术展投票活动全面发起,台州蒙古自治区。这儿有许多令人惊叹的奇特现象例如草原,湖泊与森林。直至现在,我仍然经常神往回到内蒙古,我的家园,那个彩旗随风飘扬的当地。我爱那里,那是我的魂灵的归宿。


Photographs were shot in Inner Mongolia, north province of China. There are a numerous breathtaking, fantastic scenery including grasslands, lakes and forests. I, even now, always dream of going back to Inner Mongolia, and the colorful flags are fluttering in the wind. I love my hometown. My soul belongs to there.

#. 008


Xinyang Li

University of Birmingham 


过年时,来自亲人的关怀 来自朋友的问好,都是让我最欢欣又最伤心的时刻,欢欣咱们将年味儿通过信息视频传递给我,伤心这个团圆的时刻我的缺席。

During the Chinese Spring Festival, the care from relatives and greetings from friends are the most joyful and saddest moments for me. I 读书手抄报内容,学联活动 | 留学生艺术展投票活动全面发起,台州am so glad that everyone will Skype me to bring me the atmosphere of new year. I do feel sorry for my absence at this reunion moment.

#. 009


Man Li

University of Sheffield 


By observing a person's attitude towards food, we can know his or her attitude towards life. Love it, and let this love spread and influence everyone around us. No one can stop the natural transmission of positive energy.

#. 010


Shang Zhou

King’s College London


Following the flagstone, step by step, surrounded by the green plants, that is the feeling of home. It’s when you embraced by your mom and could smell the face cream on her cheek; ipencilt’s when your dad hand you your pocket money, stained with his smell of tobacco; and it’s when you are starving, standing outside of the door of your house, smelling that delicious porridge…...

#. 011


University of Westminster


I Don’t Belong Here looks at my status as an immigrant, being originally from Bulgaria. I moved to England when I was 18 and spent most of my adult life here and it’s strange how the notion of here and there, home and abroad have gradually shifted through the years. I started photographing my birth home and my family to remind myself of where I come from and I also combine it with my adopted home London even though I have never felt a sense of belonging, neither 惠佳俊here, nor there. 

#. 012

Ruiyi Zhu


University of Westminster 

Beng Beng in Beijing

跟着北京交通的开展,机动车和其他交通工具的数量大大添加; 但是,在北京运用的各种类型的车辆中,人们往往忽视了拥堵的交通和狭隘的道路上的三轮车。三轮车(蹦蹦)司机由男女老少组成。这些司机违反了法令,但仍然挑选在北京这个大城市持续他们“蹦蹦司机”的作业。朱瑞仪的纪录短片《蹦蹦在北京》采访了其间一名司机,企图加深对这份作业以及从事这份作业的人的了解。

With the development of transportation in Beijing, the numbers of motor vehicles and other forms of transportation have increased greatly; however, among various types of vehicles used in Beijing, people tend to ignore the tricycles amongst crowded traffic as well as the narrow roads. The tricycle (Beng Beng) drivers consist of men and women, young and old. These drivers violate the law whilst still choosing to contin金领冠ue their job as Beng Beng drivers in the vast city of Beijing. Zhu’s short documentary ‘Beng Beng in Beijing’ interviews one of these drivers to try and attain a deeper understanding of this job and the people who do it.

#. 013


Qingyu Yang

University of The Arts London 


This is the place where I grew up, Qingdao. From a fishing village to a city just took it several years. 

#. 014

Renta Liszi

University of Westminster





After many trips I have found out here in London, my home is in me. My inner light. that co读书手抄报内容,学联活动 | 留学生艺术展投票活动全面发起,台州mes from the nothing and created by my spirit.

My photo represent my and everyone's inner light that guides us to our special way to find our home anywhere in the galaxy. The separated pieces represent the many places where we can be with our physical body and how can we the same spirit everywhere.

“In the oneness of you, you are one with everything. Therefore, you always know it. It is only in the duality of time and space that you forget your oneness.”

#. 015


Yue SUN 

University of Westminster


The night of metropolis

#. 016


Man Li

University of Westminster

幼年是我终身眷恋得嘉丽娜杜波甜美韶光,像是一块彩色的泡泡糖,含在读书手抄报内容,学联活动 | 留学生艺术展投票活动全面发起,台州嘴里,甜在心里。现在长大了,泡泡糖能够再买,但是幼年却再也回不去了。

Childhood might be the sweetest time in my life, like a colorful bubble gum, taste in the mouth, sweet in the heart. As I grow up, bubble gum can be bought again, but I could never go back to my childhood.

#. 017


Man Li

University of Westminster


Chinese New Year in the Forbidden City.
I was looking forward to seeing impressive snowflakes in Beijing, from the end of year of dog till 武力平the beginning of year of pig. It finally arrived.

#. 018


Qingyu Yang

University of The Arts London 



It’s a 14-hour flight from London to Beijing, and a 5-hour coach trip from Beijing to Chengde. Almost 20-hour journey takes me to this familiar but strange home. I’ve never lived here, this is the place where my dad and涡轮增压和天然吸气哪个好 grandpa have grown up. Ten years ago when I came here, I could only see mountains surrounded by the Great Wall. Nowadays countryside in China start to build tall西昌天气预报 buildings, farmers before now move to their new houses, everything has changed. My 90-year old grandpa is still living in his little house, living his farmer live, happy and simple.


That’s all of our work. 

Tips: If you want to see all the lovely work, please come and see our exhibition. There is our QR code for you to vote. 

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